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Topic: New tune from Blade project.

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    New tune from Blade project.

    Here is a cue from the Shadow of the Blade project that I\'m contributing some music to.

    I this scene, a woman whos husband died on a Huey Helecopter in Vietnam is reunited with the guys who were with him when he died. She and her daughter and his buddies all get taken for a ride on this restored Huey over some beautiful scenery, sort of a memorial ride. That is what this music cue (blade groove) is for.


    For details on the project, check out

    Its an eclectic bunch of instruments.
    QLSO Horns-Strings & Percussion
    VOTA Oos & ahhs crossfade
    Metamorphisis Grooves
    Voices of Native America flutes & vocal cues
    Synth Bass


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    Re: New tune from Blade project.

    Wow! That good eh? Speechless. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Now there is a song titled Tupelo_Part_1A-1B.mp3 that shows a more subtle style with QLSO if anyone is interested. It is mostly harp and slow clarinet and soft strings.



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    Re: New tune from Blade project.

    Excellent work, Dave. Just the right feel for the scene you described. Nice mix of contemporary/orchestral sounds.

    I love the Native American vocal -- very brief, very subtle, but adds just the right touch to the mix.

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    Re: New tune from Blade project.

    Good music, good mix, good textures - I like it!

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    Re: New tune from Blade project.

    Excellent work Dave! After the first one I listened to all of them. I personally haven\'t heard much of your stuff yet, but this is the best so far.

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    Re: New tune from Blade project.

    Beautiful music, Dave. More...I want more! [smile]

    -- Martin

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