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Topic: Video: Celebration Pastor Jim's 25th Anniversary as Pastor

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    Video: Celebration Pastor Jim's 25th Anniversary as Pastor

    Hi -
    In 2011, the Pastor of my church celebrated his 25th Anniversary of ministry there. I was asked to do a picture-video as part of the celebration that year. So, I did. It's been over a year since I viewed this video. It brought back a lot of very nice memories of Pastor Jim's celebration that year. Actually, it brought back a lot of nice memories of my time at that church as well. I've been keyboardist & choir director for this church for 29 years now. It's a very nice church. It has gone through a lot of change during my tenure there. But while other churches are sadly closing its doors in the area, this one keeps on going. Our church is one of only a few in the area that still has a functioning choir! Pastor Jim plays a huge role in the spiritual life of this church. He plans on retiring next year. When he does retire, he will be sorely missed.

    The video itself most probably shows my lack of expertise in video-making. However, I found myself still digging the music while listening to it. I sequenced the music using Apple's Logic Pro. Instrumental libraries used were JABB (all of the horns and piano and much of the percussion), Kirk Hunter Strings (forgot which library used of his), Music Lab's RealGuitar and Music Lab's RealStrat, the electric bass is from an old sample-set for Logic's Sampler which I like to use, and finally the snare drum from Vir2's Elite Orchestral Percussion (or possibly from GPO's Basic Orch Percussion, I really don't remember).

    Oh. . . I edited the pictures using Adobe's Photoshop and the video using Apple's Final Cut Pro 7 and Motion (forgot which version).

    I hope you enjoy the music and the video.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Video: Celebration Pastor Jim's 25th Anniversary as Pastor

    This is a nice tribute to your Pastor. I like the music a lot. The combination of sample libs worked well. I think I am going to look into the musiclab stuff. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: Video: Celebration Pastor Jim's 25th Anniversary as Pastor

    Wonderful music! The different libraries match extremely well. Fine recording too. I really like the bass.


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    Re: Video: Celebration Pastor Jim's 25th Anniversary as Pastor

    Aaaah, this is just fantastic, Ted. Outstanding production on two counts, music and video. I really got a feel for what your very nice looking church is like, and what it would be like to meet Pastor Jim.

    And once again, we have an excellent demonstration of how good JABB can sound. It's a mantra of mine, that people who have JABB but don't like it just haven't really dug into it the way some people like you do.

    Thanks for the details on everything you used in this. Informative and inspirational.

    I can't say enough, I find this so well done. THANK YOU, Ted!


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    Re: Video: Celebration Pastor Jim's 25th Anniversary as Pastor

    I really enjoyed your video and music Ted.

    It sounds very clean and smooth and the mood works well for the video.


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