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Topic: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

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    Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Lot\'s of rock bass talk in the forum, which is cool. There has been some excellent demos recently which showcase some of the possibilities of the newer libraries.

    I\'ve included a link to some of the demos here to make it easy to reference.

    Trilogy Demos By \"Sharmy\":



    Hardcore Bass Demo:


    Recently while waiting to see if the newer lirbaries were going to be able to deliver a fat hard picked rock sound, I started playing with my older bass libraries. To my surprise the Dan Dean 5 String Guild Pilot available in his Giga Bass Collection layered with a low sub synth bass actually comes very close to the sound I am looking for. I created a new instrument using just 1 articulation from this bass and some bass fx sounds from another library. It is not a picked bass, but because it was popped hard, it ended up sounding similar to a heavy picked string.

    Dan Dean 5 String Guild Pilot:


    (Yes, it\'s all sampled instruments. And I know the guitars aren\'t very realistic....yet.) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    FYI: The Dan Dean 5 String Guild Pilot has 7 different articulations. I\'m only using 1 articulation from this bass. (There\'s only 1 velocity as well.)

    What\'s missing so far in probably all of these demos is the attack of the pick sound. The pick sound is very important in today\'s rock music. If you watch any Much Music Uranium where they showcase alot of heavy rock bands, you can see the bass players \"strumming\" the strings with their picks to get a very percussive sound. When a drummer does a fill, the bass player will tighten the strings do some \"chuga-chuga\" sounds with the pick at the same time as the fill.

    What\'s also scary in today\'s music is the lack of guitar solos, but that\'s another subject. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    So if any of you sound developers are listening or if any of you Hardcore Bass/Trilogy users are reading this, see if you can get a heavy picked rock bass out of your instrument and please post a demo.

    You could end up saving me alot of development money! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Perhaps cut out the mid/low range a bit and turn up the high a bit on the eq to emphasize the pick sound?


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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    You gotta have a little imagination. If you listen to the Hardcore bass demo there is a ton of pick and I wasn\'t even trying. The music is mostly not Hardcore and that\'s throwing you off. Each bass has probably 10 different fff hard picked articulations to choose from. So the next demo will focus on that.

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    holy crap I listened again, that hardcore bass demo sounds great.

    The first one just sounds real. Alot of the third one too....then there\'s that cool storm drums opening... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Munz great sound. DDBass is great for the price.

    I still think HCBass is going to have the sound you want. I just hear it in the samples themselves. Its that you want a different performance.

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Nick, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was when I heard this demo. This is just about the most convincing Bass library I have heard. I am so tempted to purchase this even though I am a professional bassist and can readily play any part myself.  Great job man!!!
    I have some quick Q’s. How did you record this demo? Did you use a midi bass? If it is possible to use one (GK2B) I believe that I will take the leap and buy the library.

    I have QL 57strat already. Has anyone here used the GK2A with success?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Sorry about that...
    That was QL \'56 Strat.
    Has anyone used GK2A to play QL \'56 Strat?

    That was bad....:-)

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Originally posted by MastersMusic:
    Sorry about that...
    That was QL \'56 Strat.
    Has anyone used GK2A to play QL \'56 Strat?

    That was bad....:-)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Let me get this right, you want to play guitar samples on a real guitar with midi interface?
    where is the logic in that?


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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Let me try to clarify.
    It is my understanding you can get more realistic strumming using this device.
    I\'m not much of a guitarist but I do know how to strum and would probably find it easier to play fast runs with a guitar.

    Does this make sense to you!?

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    I used a GK pickup for a while untill I got a Brian Moore (which is a terrific value). It works decent for triggering the guitar samples. It is a little more problematic for Bass as that the GK2 likes a tighter string for triggering. A low string ...Eor A for example has a slower vibration so the tracking isn\'t quite as good. I still believe I will be using my Brian Moore with this library and Trilogy but I will also be editing out and fixing numerous the tracking errors. One possible work around is to transpose the guitar synth so you are playing bass on the higher strings. [/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks for the reply Sharmy. I have seen the Brian Moore. It looks awesome, but as I said in my reply to Lex, \"I\'m not much of a guitarist.\" so this may be a bit expensive to use for recording rhythms. Have you found there to be latency involved when using the GK?

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    I have found you can strum with it but with mixed results. Prepare to do editing. There is latency but being I am a guitarist I just deal with it......and deal with it....and deal with it.......
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks man. I appreciate it!

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    Re: Speaking Of Rock Bass (demos...)

    I use both a roland ready Strat and a Ztar.

    Both work better in different applications. The triggering on the Roland is a bit wierd at times and I jsut dont like editing so many (bad notes). The Ztar is great for triggering, but I find it strange trying to strum on the string triggers. They can be a bit touchy, so I generally use the Ztar for melodic/single line playing, or chords, and the Roland for strumming, even tho there are bad notes.

    I dont however have QL56 Strat.

    I generally would play live guitar if I need it, its in \"special\" cases like when I need to deliver music in some sort of varient of MIDI that I do the \"strumming guitar samples\" thing.

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