Hello NSS \'ers,

After considerable requests for separate ensemble sales from my DD Brass Ensembles, I\'m happy to announce that they are now available both individually, and as the complete set.

Each ensemble (Trumpets, Trombones and French Horns) is comprised of 4 disks, and is priced at $239 plus shipping. The entire DDBE set of 12 disks is still priced at $699 plus shipping.

This is the only currently available Brass Ensemble library with 8 discreet dynamic layers, which means you have access to up to 8 samples per note from ppp to fff. Also, the DDBE was the first orchestral library to implement multi-perspective technology. Articulations include Non Vibrato, Portato, Staccato, forte piano with slow, medium and fast crescendi, stopped french horns, straight mutes and specially designed Dynamic crossfade presets which allow you to real time mod wheel between dynamic layers for maximum expression. There are close and distant perspectives.

Separate ensembles are only available directly from me, so contact me at the email below (The DDP shopping cart does not have these yet...)

Dan Dean