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Topic: SAM Trumpets: Initial Impressions

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    SAM Trumpets: Initial Impressions

    I\'ve just been playing around with SAM Trumpets which arrived today. It\'s marvelous! Indeed, it blends well with the other SAM brasses. I especially like the Solo Trumpet. It has so much warmth and bite at the same time.

    If I may find any flaws at this time, it would probably just two: the sustains are a bit too short (but of course, there are looped versions, so it\'s not a problem), and ambience tails of some release trigger versions become a bit loud when notes are sustained too long into the natural decay of the sample (which is adjustable, so it\'s not a problem either). Other than these, SAM Trumpets is perfect to my ears!

    My sincerest congratulations to Maarten and the rest of the Project SAM team for coming up with such a wonderful library. Once again, they have created one that will set a standard for high-quality and affordable sample libraries.

    As for me, I think I will be so busy experimenting way into the weekend!


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    Re: SAM Trumpets: Initial Impressions

    I\'m sure everyone can assume that the SAM trumpets library is wonderful. I feel the same.

    However, I was COMPLETELY blown away with the SAMKarma set. The liner notes call this a \"library within the library\", and this is SO true.

    Obviously useless for orchestral realism, these are VERY creative, useful, and surprising sounds that I will be going to again and again. A perfect bonus inside this library. Kudos, guys!

    Any info on what\'s next?

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