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Topic: LOE - The Etheral Gate Trailer (Combat Theme Included)

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    LOE - The Etheral Gate Trailer (Combat Theme Included)

    Sorry for posting another video and composition so shortly. I wanted to share an actual video containing footage from the game. I didn't share any footage in the last post (Frederick's Theme).

    This is a trailer demonstrating the beginning of LOE - The Etheral Gate (still in alpha phases and things may change). The first scenario is where the goblins attack Felicia and both the heroes and captain (Frederick) must defend the city from annihilation.

    The first composition is Frederick's Theme and the second one is one of the combat themes I composed for the game.

    The combat in the game is played similar to Ultima VII.

    Here is the mp3 download of combat theme:

    Libraries used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Dimension Pro
    - Philharmonic Orchestra

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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate Trailer (Combat Theme Included)

    Bravo Sururick,

    This is good music, really epic and powerful with these low brass instruments. It fits the game wonderfully.

    What library delivered what instruments?

    Nice rendering!


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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate Trailer (Combat Theme Included)

    More epic Sururick music, sounding good and bold as ever! Fun graphics in the game too - nice nostalgic homage to the games of yore!


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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate Trailer (Combat Theme Included)

    Thanks Randy and Max!

    I love this style of gameplay myself (Ultima VII experience)! I also enjoy the Might and Magic experience which is why I decided to make the same game played in two different ways.

    Strings are by dimension, choir by philharmonic orchestra, and everything else good ole Garritan Instant Orchestra!!! I know I say this many times, but GIO is such a wonderful library and I use it the most. It has the best harp, brass, and some of the strings IMO for what I need. Dimension still has the lead for me! I think their strings are from Sonivox! I use dimension is all of my compositions as well.



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