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Topic: I'm back with some good news!

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    I\'m back with some good news!

    Hi all,
    I\'ve been quite busy with music in these months, but here I am back to announce that:

    - My second album, \"Feelings Unnoticed\", containing 15 piano improvisations will be out soon! This album features PMI Steinway D Grandioso (Gigasampler) exclusively. Thanks to Michiel Post who made this project come true!

    - I\'ve added a WebLog to my site! I did this because I have some great musical journey in months to come! Check it out!


    Best regards to all of you,

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    Re: I\'m back with some good news!

    I like the new site. Lots of useful content. And good tunes too! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Ben Ripley

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