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Topic: Advanced Orchestra

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra

    Keyword \"WAS\" using. But not anymore. I wouldn\'t drop the $$$ for AO with the new products on the market. I didn\'t even get the Giga version becasue they wanted a new fee for it that was like $400 or so. I never got the $1200 worth of the investment I made into AO to begin with. But that\'s just my 2¢. I say wait another month and get GPO and I doubt you\'ll need anything in the AO market.


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    Re: Advanced Orchestra

    Yeah, I\'m using AO but more out of necessity. It was the first library I bought after moving to Gigastudio and up till now I didn\'t have the money to buy another library (think sample libraries are expensive? Try buying a real violin... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ). So I\'ve got no base for comparison, but this is my experience so far:
    At first try, AO is pretty awful. I had done some simple orchestral stuff using free soundfonts and then tried to convert it to AO and the result sounded worse! There are probably two reasons for that: 1) AO is pretty old and 2) it\'s not an \"out-of-the-box\" library.
    Now I\'m slowly getting used to it. It\'s ok when doing large orchestrations where a single instrument does not matter that much, but solos (or just string parts) are usually not that much fun to do. I\'m currently trying to \"re-program\" the instruments and see what I can get out of the samples.
    The Brass Sections are quite usable (for example in War Theme), the woodwind\'s are only moderate at best, and the strings are only usable when doing slow sustain stuff. I\'m still looking for a way to do fast lines that doesn\'t give me the creep ( Prologue ). Percussion is nice, the harp is only limited to glissandos. Usually the specialized stuff (pizzicatos, trills, ...) sound great but the basic stuff (i.e. a simple tune to be played by the 1st violin) sounds awful (maybe I\'m still missing some tricks in MIDI-orchestration). I think that sums it up...

    Right now I would advise you to wait and see what GPO will bring. If it comes just even close to what is expected, you should skip AO and buy some specialized libraries to complement GPO (i.e. Sam\'s Horns, ...)...
    Hope that helps, cheers


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    Re: Advanced Orchestra

    Thanks for the info guys... and good stuff Lou

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    Advanced Orchestra

    I am definitely picking up the GPO and I may eventually get the EASTWEST symphony. However, I was wondering if anyone was using the advanced orchestra?

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