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Topic: Problem with GIO

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    Problem with GIO

    Hi, I have a problem with GIO.
    With some patches the response is: ARIA Player error Slo 0 Not found /Application/Garritan Instant Orchestra/Instruments/Percussion Patches/Earth drums 1_0002102C.audio etc. etc.
    I used OS X Mountain Lion with ARIA Player v1.504 ARIA Engine v1.626
    Have a council?

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    Re: Problem with GIO

    See the post below titled "Missing Instrument in IO". This is a known issue and there is a fix but you'll need to send a PM to Chad. Maybe Chad will see this post.


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    Re: Problem with GIO

    Is there going to be an update to GIO and other things in February? I don't want to pester people for the update when I can wait, but I am hitting the missing instruments problem and would like it resolved. We heard that Harps was coming out as well. I have not seen any details about the release date. There are only 8 days left .

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    Re: Problem with GIO

    Hi Guys,

    Please check your PMs.

    Also if you are still running into any issues with Instant Orchestra please contact Garritan/MakeMusic's official support channels. They have the updated installers and instruments and can walk you through resolving any issues your having.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Problem with GIO

    Hi Guys,

    Just following up. You should now be able to download the latest Instant Orchestra update from your account page on www.garritan.com


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