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Topic: Fat Bass sounds?

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    Fat Bass sounds?

    Hi Guys & girls,

    I\'m trying to find a fat, round, warm bass, the type that you hear on really good R&B/pop records. I can get close with my Proteus 2000(with Phatt board), and with the Novation Nova, but still not there.

    A friend in L.A reckons that I need to buy the Studio Electronics SE-1, and that all the top guys there use this module for bass. Unfortunately, it\'s expensive! Is there an alternative? A really good soft synth that can match the SE-1?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Hi Chris,

    In VST instruments, if you\'re looking for strictly a MiniMoog emulator, the closest thing would be Steinberg\'s Model E.

    However, the Native Instruments Pro-53 also does a fine job (mainly as a Prophet V emulation, but it also does Moog-like filter tricks). Also, Reaktor can cover that ground, and there are factory ensembles (MiniMood, etc.) which do a fine job of knocking off the Mini.

    Personally, I have hardware of that vintage, and don\'t use it from day to day. The software solutions are indistinguishable, except they work a lot better and are far more convenient to use.

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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Hard to say what exactly you are looking for, but Nova should be THE bass machine, very round and full bass sound..altough presets are crap on it...
    I personaly use Virus, AN1X or mixture of both for those \"expencive\" bass sounds.

    But u are aware that most of that sound comes from the mix eq and dynamic fx, right?

    my advice,don\'t waste money on SE-1...

    program your Nova, or search for patches on the web...it is a very good bass machine...now I feel sorry that I sold mine..hehe..


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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    also check out Trilogy...LOTS of fat synth bass patches in there suitable for R&B


    -david abraham

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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    That\'s right!

    Our new Trilogy virtual instrument includes hundreds and hundreds of Synth Basses from these classic instruments:

    Moog Voyager
    Moog Taurus Pedals
    Arp Oddysey
    Arp 2600
    Prophet VS
    Prophet 5
    Roland Juno 60
    Roland Juno 106
    Roland SH-101
    Roland Alpha Juno
    Roland Jupiter 8
    Virus Indigo

    and many others.....

    Trilogy has killer Moog -style triggering, great sounding dual resonant filters, and optimized engine tweaked for Bass sounds, and of course it comes with over 800 amazing patches too.

    It doesn\'t get much fatter!


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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Yes, Mr-Surf likey trilogy!

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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Glad you like it kid!


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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I\'ll check all those options out. I\'m just lazy at programming new sounds, so maybe a search for some new Nova patches is in order!



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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Hey guys,

    Sorry Eric, I didn`t realise Trilogy incorporates so many samples!! I listened to some demos the day they were posted, but didn`t hear anything suitable. I guess there`s a lot more that I haven`t heard! As a very happy Stylus owner, I think I`m gonna have to buy Trilogy tomorrow. Damn! More money to spend!!


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    Re: Fat Bass sounds?

    Hi Chris,

    Yeah...Trilogy is huge. To represent all that\'s possible with just the synth side, we would need hundreds of demos! This is really just the tip of the iceberg or what you can do.

    It\'s a fully programmable synth...that\'s really ideal for Synth Bass.

    Glad your enjoying Stylus.


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