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Topic: Strings Library

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    Strings Library


    I can see that a lot of people are waiting for an Advanced Strings library (as I am), but I was wondering if it has been suggested to just add to the library i.e. provide more solo violas for building viola section or a Violin II section added. Even if they did a few instruments at a time and offered them on the website at a price, I know myself, I would be more than happy to pay the price as it would be another piece to the existing library.

    I know there's probably a cost factor that might limit this, but then again, maybe it could be way around the competitive Strings library market.

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    Re: Strings Library

    Quote Originally Posted by ttguitarstrings View Post
    ...or a Violin II section added...
    A new Garritan string Library is indeed a popular request. I pulled out the quote, because you don't seem to know that GPO already has a Violins II section.


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