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Topic: Harp website

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    Re: Harp website

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62 View Post
    Excellent, Raymond -- Bookmark that as a reference to help get the most out of the incredible upcoming Garritan Harps Library.


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    Re: Harp website

    Thank you Raymond,

    I too have bookmarked this. There is much more depth at the site than I have in my textbooks.
    I think I would have made the mistake and written for it as a piano so it was an eyeopener.
    It will be a valuable reference.

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: Harp website

    Excellent resource. I would say, though, that the quickest and most productive way to learn how to write for harp is to talk to a harpist. I orchestrated a piece that included harp, and it turned out I had made some mistakes and written figures that weren't idiomatic. The harpist took a few minutes to point out how it could be improved, and the time I spent listening to her was far more elucidating than everything I'd read in textbooks.

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