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Topic: lost in the tallweeds

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    lost in the tallweeds

    This song uses jabb horns and e.p. I guess it is a smooth jazz thing. Please give it a listen.
    Thanks, Jay


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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Having trouble connecting to the link. I don't know if it's just me or there is some other problem.

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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Hey Richard. It might be on your end because I just clicked on the site and it came up ok.

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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Brilliant, Jay. I like it a lot. Soft, sweet jazzy with a wonderful clear guitar.

    Excellent rendering too. Bravissimo, I enjoyed it a lot. Please, give us more of this!


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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Thank you very much Max. I always appreciate a nice comment.

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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Hey Randy! Thanks for the listen. I am glad that you liked my little jazz piece.

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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Nice piece. Reminds me of something Earl Klugh would have done with Bob James. Are you playing the guitar or is that sampled?

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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    What a pleasant smooth, easy listen piece. Are you writing for the WAVE radio station now?

    Just kidding around... I do really like the mix and the line of this piece. I really sets me adrift in a mental state of relaxation. I really do like your mixing ability. This is cool and well presented. Thanks so much for giving our communtity this. I will sleep well tonight, completely relaxed.

    Now how much was live and how much of this piece was Garritan. I know you said the horns were Garritan but what was everything else?

    Your last couple of pieces have really shown off your work at getting a certain horn sound and I think this one does them justice.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: lost in the tallweeds

    Richmc! I am pleased that you liked this piece. Saying that it sounds like something Earl Klugh and Bob James might play is a nice compliment. Thank you for that. The guitar in the intro is a demo of "musiclab realguitar". The guitar solo is my live playing. It is a gibson epiphone dot played directly into sonar using line 6 GX.

    RichR! Thanks for the nice words. I always try to write things that are fairly easy on the ears. (particularly, my ears). I have learned a lot from this forum on mixing and I am glad that some of the forum education is coming out in my music.
    The horns and the piano are from JABB, the bass is "scarbee mm", the percussion is just a mix and match of a variety of hits from all over the place. The solo guitar is live and the guitar in the intro is using a demo of "musiclab realguitar".

    Thank you both for taking time to listen and comment. Jay

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