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Topic: Gotta Quick Q for U

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    Gotta Quick Q for U

    Sound Blaster® Audigy 2™ Platinum EX

    Anyone know if this card is Giga compatible?

    Working on possible second PC setup ...

    Need 5.1 audio support.

    Using Vegas Video 4.0 (5.1 audio)


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    Re: Gotta Quick Q for U

    I don\'t believe so. When I was looking into GS compatible cards,that one wasn\'t on the list. You can check out the compatible cards at the Nemesys web site, but unless it\'s GSIF, it ain\'t soup!

    BTW, the least expensive card that I found also seemed to work quite nicely with GS was the M-Audio Audiophile2496 for $170

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    Re: Gotta Quick Q for U

    none of the newer creative labs cards are compatible with Giga.

    they all have WDM drivers and no gsif support.

    any of the newer cards with 6 outputs should be fine for 5.1

    the Egosys Waveterminal 192M is waht I\'ve been using in the new machines it shouold be fine for 5.1 as well (8 outs) for $175-$199

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    Re: Gotta Quick Q for U


    I have the M Audio card now for Giga.

    I think I may just set up 2 pc\'s.

    One for Giga only and the other Video/5.1 audio.

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