I probably need a library developer to answer these two questions. Thanks in advance.

1) I am finding that with GSt 2.5.48 / Gedit 2.0, even though I set Decay 1 to 0.000, Gedit always saves with 0.005. Is this just the way this works? (Not a big problem since I can set the sustain at 100%.)

2) Much more of an issue, I have a sample that I want/need to have a 0 release time. When I set Release to 0, the value 0 sticks when I apply, but when I record the audio in Pro Tools, I\'m seeing an actual release time of about 5mS. (0.005 again) Is this a known issue?

I could imagine that this is built into GSt for click elimiantion on a release event, but I\'d like to override it in this special case. Is there any known way to do this? (I admit this is probably not something too many people would have ever looked at, so I appreciate there may be little information.)

Thanks very much,