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Topic: 8dio Adagio

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    8dio Adagio

    I already have EW SO which covers the basics. Now I'm looking to expand with the EW Hollywood series. I think Hollywood brass is a must-have. But im not so sure with Hollywood Strings. Ive discovered 8Dio Adagio Strings and it has fantastic stringsections, a nice solo violin that reacts well to playing, and it doesn't seem to require the indepth research with the manual you need with HS. It seems to give good results "out of the box". I'm still missing the cellos though and the full sections that hollywood strings has.

    My theory is that EW SO can still cover that up and that EWSO+HB+ADAGIOSTRINGS would be a good combination, but since i dont have the last 2 products, please let's discuss

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    Re: 8dio Adagio

    Man, I can't agree with you more. I've been banging my head over trying to integrate HS with my system for a while. I always fall back to ESQLSO but would like something better sounding - may have to try Adagio.


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    Re: 8dio Adagio

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