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Topic: VOTA world builder utility...just for Giga?

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    VOTA world builder utility...just for Giga?

    hello guys.
    I don´t have VOTA yet but having voices samples which allow me to create words would be a great asset.
    Problem is I´m not a Giga user.
    So I was wondering, am I correct when I think that the world building utlity needs of Gigastudio to work? (or rather works in coop with Giga)
    Is there any possiblity that the genius-like guy who wrote that tool made it apt for its use with Kontakt or Halion, or is it impossible?

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    Re: VOTA world builder utility...just for Giga?

    I haven\'t tried, but i think that the utility should work with other software samplers, since it receives and sends midi information...Anyone have tried?

    I could try it next week (when my new pc arrives, to replace the dead one)...

    Regarding Mac, maybe!!.. I don\'t have anything planed now, but who knows...

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    Re: VOTA world builder utility...just for Giga?

    It would be very easy to use the utility with another program. I think that there will probably be a Kompakt version of VotA later this year. But, I want to include some new stuff, so it will take a while. Ofcourse we are also expecting the TURBO utility soon. I don\'t know about Mac compatability, though. Maybe Nuno can tell us.

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