Recently, someone who bought The Autoharp told me he wasn't able to access the lowest or highest octaves of samples, because he's using an older 5 octave keyboard that can only shift one octave in either direction. The Autoharp uses all 127 MIDI notes - that's a full 10 1/2 octaves! I had current keyboards in mind when I programmed the instrument, because they all have octave shift buttons that allow you to shift as many octaves up or down that you want.

I put together an additional SFZ file for this user, and am now making it available to all Autoharp owners who could make use of it. It doesn't replace the primary SFZ file, but can be used in conjunction with it when using the instrument in recording software. The new SFZ file shifts the lowest three octaves up so that on a standard 5 octave keyboard, the lowest note is available without any octave shifting. The highest two octaves have been shifted down so those samples are all accessed with just one octave shift up.

The samples on those octaves are single notes, alternate clustered single notes and aggressive lower string strums. The upper octaves have special sounds, such as squeaks, body thumps, and continuous open string strums for atmospheric effects.

If you own The Autoharp and could make use of the new SFZ file, send me either an email or a PM - both are listed under my name in all posts, and I'll send it to you via email