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Topic: Steinway C from gigfiles

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    Steinway C from gigfiles

    Is the Steinway C from www.gigfiles.com a good piano, or not?

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    I am not familiar with the gigfiles Steinway C so I cannot comment on it yet, but an excellent Steinway C has been made by Warren Trachtman (www.WSTco.com).

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    I just downloaded one of their demos. Sounds strong:


    I love this piano. Dark, but not too muted.I MAY hear a little background air on a few of the samples, though, as if the noise floor were a little too high and no noise reduction was applied. Is it just my system, or does anyone else hear this?

    Reminds me a little of the Vintaudio pianos, somehow, although this is grand and thus sounds still more full. Recorded a little further away, but not from a middle of the hall perspective. Has a similar presence and its attack and initial decay have a similar timbre. I hope the noise I\'m hearing is just an artifact from my download, and not in the samples.

    This would be a great midi file, the moonlight, as a demo of all the piano libraries, since it lets us hear the decays so well. Michiel? Bardstown? Franky?

    (Of course, the problem will be that listening to this Beethoven on all of them will still leave us wanting them all.)

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    The first movement of beethoven\'s pathetique also sounds very nice.

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    Originally posted by Jake Johnson:

    This would be a great midi file, the moonlight, as a demo of all the piano libraries, since it lets us hear the decays so well. Michiel? Bardstown? Franky?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hey Jake, you forgot about me.... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    Anyway, I\'ll pick up on this and post a demo made using our \"Studio Grand 88\" and the Beethoven midi. (Nicly played btw)
    You can D/L the mp3 here
    The SG88 is, as you probably know, are 8/8 layered grand with a real \"no-brainer\" pricetag, you can read more about it at: Bigga Giggas

    As it says on Gigfiles homepage, \"every one has his own feeling and style, and every piano is unique.\", so as long as we have many pianos to chose from, there\'s a higher possibility that we find something that fits our needs.
    I also want to welcome Gigfiles to the world of sampleproducers! I\'ve checked out your homepage, and I\'m certain that you will provide us with a lot of interesting products!
    Also, if you want to add this mp3 to your piano comparing page, please feel free to do so.

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    Ok i\'ll make a demo using the midi file on their site, i won\'t bragg about our Giga Upright Piano Library here , i\'ll let the piano do the talking [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    We used the Moonlight suite for demos of the PMI GRANDIOSO Bos290:
    WET Bosendorfer290 played by John Grant
    Didn\'t do the DRY version yet; maybe John could post that one?

    Let the piano do the SINGING...

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    Having trouble running those mp3 demos for the Steinway C. Windows media player doesn\'t like them, at least mine doesn\'t.

    I couldn\'t bring myself to do the Moonlight on the dry Bos, I only use the WET, which I LOVE. Of course, it could be made EVEN BETTER, were the wet version more verberant in the BIG HALL sense. Just a quibble, though. Currently the best overall sample on the market.

    Actually, now getting into the 8 layer release wet Bos, I may like it better thaan the wet 16. More guts.



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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    To answer my own question: it my system that caused some distortion. The mp3 is large, but after I cleared out some RAM memory, the moonlight demo sounds great. No glitches.

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    Re: Steinway C from gigfiles

    I\'m Nikko from Gigfiles : I\'ve found this thread (thanks Gregg). Here are some answers:
    1- the mp3 demo is done by Wavelabs, 128kb/s and should work everywhere...
    2- I\'ve left some glitches in the demo, I\'ve been too lazy to listen it carefully till the end. These glitches are done by Gigastudio, not the soundbank itself. Every note has been listened and there is no gliches in the soundbank. I\'ll re-render the mp3 to make sure there are no doubt about this.
    3- about the noise in the quietest velocity level : it is part of the sound and \'personality\' of this soundbank. I\'ve decided to record the quieter velocity level at ppp and so I got a huge difference between the fff level and ppp one. When I maximized the sound, some noise came in. I\'ve left it as it is natural to get some noise in a piano that has a very wide velocity range. Even if you record a real piano and you play very loud and suddently you play very quiet, if you compress the sound, you\'ll get some noise. You can fix this with your Mixer EQ [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] or leave it to get more breath in the sound if the piano is not alone in the mix.
    The easy solution is to sample the piano from p to fff or worse f to fff and interpolate the f layer to pp with wavelabs. Some soundbanks in the compare page are doing this and everyone can listen the result. The moonlight midi files does not work ...


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