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Topic: Bailor's Theme

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    Bailor's Theme

    Here is another composition that will be in both LOE projects. It is a composition for one of the most important and my favorite character in LOE history.

    Afterwords: Anyone want to take a guess what Bailor's Personality/Alignment is?
    - Lawful Good
    - Neutral Good
    - Chaotic Good
    - Neutral
    - Lawful Evil
    - Neutral Evil
    - Chaotic Evil

    Libraries Used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Dimension Pro
    - Philharmonic Orchestra

    Background Info:

    This is the first character ever to be created in all of my game making history. Here is the legendary character of The Legend of Erthia, Bailor! The King of Etherberg (leading city of Erthia) has chosen Bailor to command the elite army of Erthia. His task is to command and enforce the laws of order.

    Bailor, commander of the elite army. Enforcer of the laws of order.

    "There are no exceptions, for those who refuse to abide by the laws of order shall perish..."

    "He's favored by the king and feared by his enemies..."

    "Many opposing armies had fallen to the supreme leadership of Bailor and his elite army, for he always claims victory..."

    Bailor's Theme:

    Full HD Art of Commander Bailor:

    My friend Jesse created this based on how I described what Bailor looked like. He is such a great artist and I wouldn't have this image without his help.

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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Richard! The basic sound of this is nice. I know that it is a gaming theme, but just from a musical perspective, it was quite a long loop. I would like to hear more variety in sound, but then again, that probably defeats the purpose of a gaming theme. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Hey Jay thanks for listening. The themes in LOE - The Etheral Gate are meant to be a short ques I am making this version to the project similar to Ultima VII. The music in Ultima VII are usually between 30-60 seconds for most pieces. I looped it twice to add more off-game listening time. How it will work in the game is it cross-fades in and out. The music won't be played constantly in the game like most games. Ultima VII generally had a non-music environmental atmosphere with short music pieces coming in and out every now and then.



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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Hi, Richard - It's always fun to see you pop up here in the LR with more gaming music.

    The combination of sound sources you've been using continues to be a nice blend, IO, Dim and Philharmonic. There are some issues in this recording, probably made a bit prominent because the theme itself seems to be shorter than usual, so the recording is looping more often.

    At 0:18 there's an unnatural jump in the sound from one note to the other - the horns are cutting off. This happens at 0:43 on the loop point and elsewhere throughout the loop. There's a similar problem with the strings.

    When the horns stop playing at 0:50, it's more clear what the problem is since the instruments are resting instead of going on to another note-- It's the Release Control needing to be set at a higher level than the default. In other Garritan instruments, the control is called Length. The defaults are often too abrupt for a natural sound at the end of notes. If you move that up just a bit, you'll hear the results are smoother and more natural.

    The other factor there is that you need more volume control. It could be that one sample in the patch you used is louder than the sample for the next note. If so, you need to compensate for the difference by precisely changing your MIDI volume control data. If it's not a problem in the samples, maybe the volume data you have in the file is making for the jump. Whatever the case is, if you go back in to edit the MIDI tracks, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to smooth those places out. Don't forget that Velocity controls how immediate the beginnings of notes are - another factor to take a look at.

    Like Jay, I'm understanding that this is game music which loops under the action, and so its repetitiveness is much more noticeable when all we're doing is listening to the music. Nevertheless, it seems to me that even with this in the context of the game, that some more could be done to avoid the exact same rendition of the short theme over and over. Maybe that's not possible, maybe it really does have to be a loop that's just a few seconds, and you can't add more variety - But I'll still pass on an idea:

    The incessant deep drum rhythm is of course very important to the mood of the whole thing. Repeating drums, however, can be especially grating on the nerves. I would like to hear that same exact rhythm taken over by other instruments on some of the repeats. Just temporarily on a higher drum would add variety, but pitched instruments could also take over, like plucked string basses, or a woodwind section.

    Hey - just like last time, your credit is missing at the end of the video. Why aren't you crediting yourself anymore?


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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Thanks for the feedback Randy.

    I listened to the part at 0:18, my ears can't tell of any unnatural change to the note, I guess I just don't know what natural is to my ears. Most of the music I listen to is game-based music. The way it presents in my ears is that its on tone and matches the other notes. I am quite a rookie composer as compared to many of you on this forum. The part where it loops I can tell there could be some more work needed there. I never thought of that! The instruments taking over the rhythm of the drums could add a little more to the composition. I will take a retry at this and implement the techniques and addition you mentioned. Strangely, I never did give credit to myself in my own personal compositions, only the arrangements I did for video games. I guess it wouldn't harm to add

    Thanks again Randy for you useful advice, I have learned much from you since joining this forum.



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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    I guess lawful good.

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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...I listened to the part at 0:18, my ears can't tell of any unnatural change to the note...
    I think it could be a rough spot in the sample set for the instrument you used from IO. The horns playing the melody at that point - if those are IO, could you please let me know which patch it was? Then I'll play the line in Sonar with that patch and see what's going on. The results I can let you know about via PM. Hopefully I'll find a way to smooth out what I'm hearing.


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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Very apt piece for the character, Richard.

    To me, the only 'issue' I hear at 18 secs is that the horn patch seems to have the release cut when it switches notes - and perhaps this is just an example of poor legato programming. It's not as smooth as a horn patch should be, but nothing I would have noted myself unless I was pushing for complete realism.
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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Very apropos music for this character. I would guess (haven't read any other responses yet) that he is Heroic and commanding. A strong figure who is destined to lead.

    The music is grand and well presented.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Best regards,

    After reading the other comments, I don't hear anything disturbing at 18" - don't trust my ears though. Who does your artwork? It is just marvelous!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Bailor's Theme

    Thanks for the feedback Plowking, Richard, and Bill. I am going to a new and more realistic mock up to Bailor's Theme using Randy's advice and make it a bit more orchestrated than the retro feel. Doesn't harm to have two versions! However, to keep things retro towards older style games it is a must to keep simple and basic liek the Final Fantasy tunes and such.

    I have a great idea. I'm thinking as I continue with the ost for LOE I will do both for each composition (retro game music and then the realistic orchestrated approach), then I can share the LOE OST and then the LOE Symphony. A lot of games do the similar approach. YS is well known for that.

    Below is an example video of their symphonic stuff, and the original is even more basic than what I present. It's a long composition but it's worth the listen it is one of my favorites! Just imagine that all of this was Nintendo synths! Again, I think doing something like this keeping the retro and also making the symphonic versions would be kind of neat to share with the community.

    Thanks for the feedback on Bailor's design. The character art was created by my friend Jesse who does graphics design. He did the for free just to help out LOE! I also purchased the resources for LOE - TEG from him as well. His website can be found here: http://www.pioneervalleygames.com/

    He brought the first character I have ever created from all my game making history to life visually. He's a very talented individual and I couldn't have had this without his help.

    I ripped this from the YS1 NES NSF file to share one of the original themes in the arrangement in the video. Quiz: See if you can find this theme in the video!

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