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Topic: Scarlatin - burnin' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

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    Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    My very special friend from Venezuela - guitar wonder Carlos E. Arellano have created this spicy latino demo Scarlatin featuring his sublime guitar playing and Scarbee R.S.P. \'73 and J-Fingered bass. Carlos has a unique talent and a big heart full of passion and positiviness.

    He plays everything on this track - bass recorded with midi guitar. He also used the upcomming Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX (more on that soon...) on the Rhodes.
    Listen to that scat singing too!

    Song can be heard at www.scarbee.com now!


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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    HE\'s amazing!!!

    His guitar work is crisp and very clean and his improv is refreshing!

    His scatting is absolutely spot-on with his playing!

    By far the best music you have at your website!!

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Very nice demo Thomas.

    Reminds me of Larry Carlton in the beginning then he is doing his own thing. Great chops!

    Good news about the guitar library coming out next year!

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Yeah Carlos is great. He has those great chops - and he knows his Larry Carlton, George Benson too - I love Carlton\'s playing a lot myself.

    I will soon feature some more stuff from him.
    he plays an awesome jazzguitar and acoustic too.

    Just too bad he lives in a country so messed up...

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Return to Forever meets Santana. WOW!

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Hey keytar:

    Better now? I will soon redesign the page - but I\'m kind of swamped now in work so I don\'t know when.

    take care

    and thanks fortelling me this


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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Wow, that was awesome! This reminds so much of Al Demiola (spelling?). The bass section near the end was incredible as well - I need that bass! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] You said he did everything, does that include the drum track as well?

    I hope to hear more music from Carlos, that was just too cool.

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Checked out your site Scarbee, I can\'t scroll down the left side of your site, but the right side can easily be scrolled using a scroll bar. No such thing for the left side. All I Can see on the left is the \"Groove Factory, The Company and VIP Lounge links\", I can tell there is still more info there, but no way to scroll down to check it out. I\'m in standard 800x600 res fyi.

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    Hi Thomas, my dear friend! hola everyone! thanks for so nice comments, I am glad to see lot of interesting people looking for advanced and inspirational ways of to make music, I think there is Scarbee libraries in front! for me, basically a home studio \"selfmaker\" musician, Scarbee mean live feel, amazing sound and endless possibilities of expresion. I am come from the old school of live playing, gigs, bands, analog \"direct live\" recording, etc, therefore for me is very important get music backgrounds where not only my main instruments, guitar, be the starring, I need to feel and catch that elusive live touch uncommun in midi productions when sterility soundware is the only resource, and with Scarbee libraries like j-fingered, j-slap. RSP 73 and WEP, I augmented to infinite my arsenal of \"digital live\" fuel. Thank you Thomas, as you know, here now is being hard way to meet real live musicians, then my experience like composer, arranger, jingle, film and tv music production using computers and studio recording gear had been crucial, and your tools definitely, \"put\" the spirit of real musicians in my sequencer.

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    Re: Scarlatin - burnin\' demo by Carlos Eduardo Arellano!

    This is a list of things I use for record SCARLATIN demo:
    -Guitars: Fender Telecaster, Strato midi with Gk2 Roland (for raw bass solo and synth line at intro/theme)
    -Sampler tools: Scarbee J-fingered bass, Scarbee RSP 73 electric piano.
    -Percusion: Latin Groove Factory, R. Padilla, custom personal samples for drums and additional percusion, ASR10 Ensoniq sampler and bundled libraries for synth pads.
    -Synths: Alesis QS7
    -Sampler: Gigastudio, Ensoniq ASR10
    -Sequencer and audio recorder: Cubase VST 5 (PC), and specific plugins for process and mastering like the extraordinaire Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX (alpha version)
    - a definitive element here, Venezuelan coffe maked by my beloved wife, Ana Yudith.

    If anyone want to get details about my personnal way and approach to recording and process, please don´t hesitate on ask me.

    Carlos Eduardo Arellano

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