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Topic: Spring (cello solo)

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    Spring (cello solo)

    Example of CC68 legato.

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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    Very nice. It sounds pretty smooth. I don't listen to much solo pieces, despite piano music, but this sounds pretty good. Which library was this cello from. It has a nice rich sound to it.

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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    Huray!!! This is great, really great. It shows the cello with all smooth, mellow and nasal sounds very well. A great piece/composition also. May I guess? EWQL lib?


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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    This is a very well thought through piece of solo music. Well built and designed for a rich instrument such as the cello. It's the string instrument closest to the human voice.
    You did a terrific job here, composing and rendering! A welcome addition to the valuable library of good cello literature.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    Sean! I think this is a very nice cello solo piece. The double stops and leaps to the lower pitches added to the implication of two parts. I think the cello player would be soaking his hand in water after this. I really enjoyed your piece. Thanks for posting this. I am also curious as to what library you used for this. It does not sound like GPO or gofriller to me.

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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    My flemish counterpart Mr. Hamburg already expressed my thoughts about your work.
    I can only add that good writing makes good library sound its most.
    So +1
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    Great piece! I concur with Max!
    Arthur J. Michaels

    Finale 2000 through Finales 25.4 (currently using Finale 25.4)
    Garritan COMB2, GPO4, GPO5, Audacity 2.1.3
    Core i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz, 8.0 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home Premium x64
    Dell 2408 WFP, 1920x1200
    M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496
    M-Audio AV-40 monitors

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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    That cello is definitely from GPO. I do not have the library installed right now so I can not double check, but I think it is clearly from there.

    Liked the composition, Sean. Very cello-ish sounding. Seems a trivial comment but it is not, in the sample world. Congrats.


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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    Sean, it's simply too seldom that we hear from you in The Listening Room. Out of curiosity I looked it up, and the last time you posted music was last June. Hopefully you'll be visiting and posting more often in 2013!

    It was a thoroughly enjoyable 6 minutes I spent just now listening to your lovely yet energetically composed ode to Spring. I admire the ability you've demonstrated here to maintain a solo piece for that stretch of time and keep it continuously interesting.

    I liked Jay's post, saying "...the cello player would be soaking his in hand in water after this..."--! Very acrobatic playing it would call for indeed. But why not compose for a virtuoso? The most exciting arranging can be done when aiming for the stars.

    The text of your post might be seeming rather random and obscure - simply "Example of CC68 legato," rather than telling us something about the project - what inspired you, how you worked on it, what instrument you used.

    Allow me to help explain to people following this thread and who are yet to discover it: I've been trying to help Sean out with some issues he's been having with ARIA, with Garritan World, and the use of legato. He's still using the Kontakt Player versions of GPO and JABB, and only recently was introduced to ARIA when he bought World. When you think about it, those of us who have been using Garritan instruments long enough to have used the various versions of the Libraries as they've been updated, - we can picture that it Would be quite a leap to suddenly be trying to use ARIA after years of working only with KP2.

    This morning I passed on the info to Sean that, as per the Garritan manuals, to use manually triggered legato rather than auto-legato which can fall short of our expectations, all notes in legato passages have to be overlapped slightly, or the legato function is broken at each gap between notes. Auto-legato also only works when notes in a passage have been overlapped. But overlapping like that can be more of a challenge to notation users, like Sean, rather than DAW software users who are likely to record their music with a keyboard and edit things like note lengths as needed in the Piano Roll View.

    A fairly smooth sound can be achieved even without either of the legato choices in Garritan. This recording of "Spring" may be an example. Sean showed me a video screen capture of something he's working on, and I pointed out that he had no notes overlapping, and that's why he wasn't getting the legato effect he wants. That piece is with a World instrument with a particularly strident attack, and it has to be wrestled with a bit to smooth it out for legato. Besides overlapping notes and CC64/68 control, lowering the velocities to almost 0 is the only way to get legato with that instrument. The GPO instruments are all easier to get smooth passages with.

    Sean, my guess is that you've used Solo Cello 1 from GPO for this recording. I'm also guessing that the mid frequencies were lowered some for a mellower sound, and the bass might have been boosted. Or that EQing may just be from the way it was recorded or post-processed. But when I auditioned the 3 GPO cellos just now, it was Solo 1 that sounded most like the cello in this piece, especially once I attenuated the mids and boosted the lows.

    I also ran a little experiment, recording the opening measures of "Spring" with Solo Cello 1. When I had no CC64 in the track, the sound was like in your recording- fairly continuous and sounding just fine. But when I had the notes overlapping a bit and I bracketed the notes with CC64, then the legato effect was there, making the transitions between notes more smooth.

    I loved the music - I was inspired to rap about the legato issue since it's all you mentioned in your post. But the main thing I want to say is THANK YOU for coming back with one of your compositions, Sean!


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    Re: Spring (cello solo)

    Hi Sean -

    This is a lovely piece! Compositionally, it's captivating. The rendering seems to showcase your composition in good light. Curious. Where is this particular cello library from, Garritan? Some other product? Regardless who produced this cello library, your composition and sequencing made it sing!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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