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Topic: Finally purchased my first Samples/Sampler!

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    Finally purchased my first Samples/Sampler!

    Hey guys,

    I\'ve been hanging out here for a little while trying to take it all in and get the most bang for my tiny tiny buck... I think the mission has been accomplished. Today I ordered the following:

    DIVA Solo Female Sample Library
    KOMPAKT NI Sampler
    and the

    After shipping and tax I came out to be on budget almost to the cent! I\'m just so excited that I finally have my foot in the sampling door... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Thanks guys for the help in the decisions,


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    Re: Finally purchased my first Samples/Sampler!

    Me too Al!

    I\'ve ordered the delectable and beatiful GPO tonight. I\'ve ordered direct from Gary as I don\'t want to support the UK distributor.....but Hey that\'s me!

    I\'m going to purchase Kontakt next and then Kompakt for its library. All the CDROMS which I\'ve been collecting for GS3 for the last year! will now have to be pushed and squeezed (maybe against their will) into Kontakt. I\'ve been patient enough!!!

    It\'s going to be a great Christmas! ¦:^)


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