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Topic: Help with BCF2000

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    Help with BCF2000

    I just got a BCF2000 (upgraded from a NanoKontrol 2 device) I'm trying to figure out how to configure it. Finding the manual confusing.

    First I'm on a MAC (10.8.2) and I don't see much in terms of drivers. Also the Java editing software won't see my unit when I run the scan function. Yet the BCF2000 does show up in Midi Devices and Digital Performer sees it. I was even able to record automation. However the fader won't move on playback.

    Now I realize it's unit has much more depth than the Nano with various modes which I'm not clear which one I need to use.
    Basically I'm looking to use it as generic Midi Controller for virtual instruments sending CC# 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11 as well as panning all on the same channel. So which ever midi track I have selected it would control, then on playback the faders would update.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Do not buy BCF2000 or any Behringer product for that matter

    Well, I ended up returning the darn thing.
    So dissapointed, although it says it is supported on MAC the last OS supported by the editor is 10.6, which is like 4 years old. I wasted 3 days trying to make it work.Tech support was not only useless but following their advice made my DAW out of service for half a day. I could not get any work done and spent 4 hours trying to fix it. Not to mention the unit is cheaply made and noisy. Also their customer service is non existent. My overall experience with this product and dealing with that company on every level has been so bad. It was my first time buying a Behringer product and my last time. Stay of away from their products you've been warned!

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