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Topic: eq and mastering

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    eq and mastering

    Just wondering what anyones tips are for matering. ie if you\'ve got different smaple libraries playing at once is it best to record to hrad-drive each track seperately, eq, then apply reverb to all tracks at once, or apply eq to all tracks at once then reverb?

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    Re: eq and mastering


    For some great info on mastering check out Bob Katz\' new book on mastering; \"Mastering Audio, the art, the science.\" You can get it at www.digido.com.

    Good luck


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    Re: eq and mastering

    Hi Brewick.

    I bounce my tracks individually, and then route them all into their appropriate busses (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Percussion). I then have full freedom to apply fx to the individual tracks, or to the orchestral section (or, on occasion, to both).

    I generally apply reverbs to the sections, unless there is a solo instrument, in which case the soloist gets a special reverb. I am pretty liberal in my use of eq. I find that without it things are quickly reduced to sonic mush.

    For example, I will normally give the brass a little bit of high-end just to bring out the crispness of their attacks. I will also roll-off the low end on some of the higher register instruments if their is a strong bass accompaniment-- this allows the bass instrument to punch through the mix better.

    Also, when using reverb, I really took to heart Maarten\'s advice of working the balances between dry signal and fx signal to position the instrument forwards or backwards. If you listen to the SAM Horns demo \"Massive\", you will hear how Maarten did this to the percussion section. By mixing in only the wet reverb signal, he made the percussion sound as if it was towards the back of the orchestra.

    I used these techniques a bit on my mix of \"Scheherezade\" . It was a quick mix, and I cut some corners, but you might hear what I am talking about.

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