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Topic: Re: Instant O

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    Re: Instant O

    Just read the glowing review of Instant Orchestra. I had always thought it was some kind of light-weight compromise for people who don't want to work with a real orchestra. But then I've never actually heard or used it. so, what's the difference between it and GPO? The same sounds but with more effects? some new sounds? what the heck actually is it?

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    Re: Instant O

    It's a faster instrument tool with many preorchestrated patches and effects designed for a (IMO) a quicker more templated composing approach.

    Client A comes to you and says I urgently need a music cue, battle scene, 1 min long, orchestra - and I need it as soon as possible please.

    I would compose this in a library just like Instant Orchestra - I would not use GPO for example.

    You can combine both - recommended I'd say - but Instant Orchestra patches will short-cut you to getting the results you want, without compromising that end result.

    Only if you really wanted to be very traditional and specific about your final composition, would it be best to do it solely with a full orchestra palette such as GPO4.
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    Re: Instant O

    Quote Originally Posted by michael diemer View Post
    Just read the glowing review of Instant Orchestra...what the heck actually is it?
    I'm glad you asked, Michael!

    Instant Orchestra came out of the starting gate to instantly become the most misunderstood of the Garritan Libraries. We keep trying to get the message across about what it is and how it works, but by now I'm pretty sure we'll need to keep explaining on into the future.

    Graham "Plowking" has given you an excellent reply, with a perfect example of how IO can get you big sounding results in a short time, especially important when you're on a time crunch.

    I want to say that IO is NOT a collection of pre-recorded clips that the user assembles. When the Library was first released, some people thinking it was a collection of MIDI clips was one of the first misconceptions brought up on the Forum. We had quite a thread going on the topic, and even by the end of it, some folks still seemed to cling to their misconceptions.

    You said you've never heard it. Here's the MakeMusic page with info on IO. In the middle of the page are a number of demos that Robert Davis and I did. These were basically "out of the box" pieces that show how big and produced the sound is. I just now listened to my demo, "Sci-Fi" again for the first time in quite awhile. It's a good demo of the "cinematic" quality to the Library's sound:

    Instant Orchestra info

    There's a lot more that could be said, but I think going to that page and having a listen will be a good help to you, Michael.


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    Re: Instant O

    I did my homework before buying IO and still decided to purchase it even though I have GPO, jabb, and comb. Now I have to learn how to use it.

    I know it will take some effort on my part as well as asking on this forum but I trust all libraries put out by Garry. I have been out of touch for a long time but i'm back'...................


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    Re: Instant O

    Hi, Steve! Great to see you here - And you've followed through with what you said at the MakeMusic Forum - You're visiting both sites. Appreciated!

    Regarding Instant Orchestra:

    Quote Originally Posted by stevel View Post
    ... Now I have to learn how to use it....
    Aaah, it's simple. Find a patch, load it - play it. Instant!

    ---well, I suppose there could be a few other details, but really, it's pretty much the same as using the other Garritan Libraries. It's just that you often have a juicy, nicely layered, produced sound available by just loading a patch.

    IO and GPO are a great combo - the former for "beds" of sound, the latter for soloists.

    Have fun!


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    Re: Instant O

    Just add Water Music ...

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