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Topic: Connecting CPU's

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    Re: Connecting CPU\'s

    Please visit www.fxteleport.com - or use Steinbergs V-Stack.

    Isabella Rowlins

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    Connecting CPU\'s

    I know how to \'network\' CPU\'s, but how do you connect them to share \'CPU\' or ram so that everything runs smoother. My brother is getting a new computer so Im getting his old one plus the one I already have (his old one is a P4 2.4 ghz, 1 gig of ram [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve heard of a program teleport which allows VST\'s to be run on the other computer. How else is this possible?

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    Re: Connecting CPU\'s

    I better start saving my money then!


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    Re: Connecting CPU\'s

    Save money? Just hack into their system. The sys admins will never notice the load of your Wagnerian symphony.

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