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Topic: walkin the boardwalk

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    walkin the boardwalk

    This is my impression of someone playing a dirty syncopated thing on the boardwalk in hopes that people will come by and drop some spare change in their guitar case. I may have over done the gritty sound of it bit, but who knows how many quarters the guy could pick up playing this song. Anyway, it uses the steel string acoustic guitar from "musiclab realguitar". Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.
    Thanks, Jay.


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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    where have good manners gone? People passing by look at a guy with a guitar on a boardwalk and turn their sights elsewhere, pretending not to see....

    Here's my quarter, good man!

    Always like your music, Jay. Actually, this really sounds like a proper guitar riffing, how did you do that? Played on a keyboard or notated? My guess would be midi pickup on a guitar, but if it is not it shows you really understand well the instrument (I know you play the real thing).

    And here's another quarter for that real guitar acoustic.


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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    Fabry! Thanks for the quarter and I'm glad that you liked this. I notated this first and brought it into sonar. I spent some time on the accents and timing to try and get a real guitar sound. Thanks for the listen and comment. Jay.

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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    OK, Jay. Here's my quarter. This is nice--refreshing and bright. And I loved the two bluesy riffs in there, one near the beginning and again near the end. I also liked the fresh chord changes! The piece sounds played to me--very real.

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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    Art! I am glad that this sounds real to you. I was trying to get an authentic kind of sound. And thanks for the quarter.

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    Re: walkin the boardwalk


    As a guitarist myself I can say with some authority that your handling of that beautiful guitar sample is excellent, as is your fine composition!

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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    Hey Sean! I thank you for the nice words on my guitar piece. I had a lot of fun putting this together. Jay

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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    Ah this is great, Jay. The RealGuitar series from MusicLabs are some of the best virtual instruments ever made, and you certainly put this one to great use here.

    You thought you might have over done the "gritty sound"--? In what way? - You don't mean the sonic quality, you mean in the riffs and the piece in general?

    I did expect something funkier, when you said "a dirty syncopated thing" - I think someone with less musical sophistication than you would get quite a bit "dirtier" if he wanted--hehe.

    You're a guitar player, so you must have done this in an authentic way that's actually possible to play. But all those trills, with the individual notes - I thought those would have been hammered notes, not individually played--?

    Really fun visit down by the Boardwalk, Jay.


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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    Here's two-bits. . . it's all I have in my pocket today. . .

    Very nice use of Music Lab's RealGuitar. I'm a fan of their products; own all of their guitars. With a little time, patience and know-how, the sound from their guitar libraries are quite convincing. You seemed to have found that out!! Really nice job with the rendering. It nicely showcases your piece.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: walkin the boardwalk

    Randy! Thanks for the listen. I was thinking that I might have over accented some notes and shortened some notes so they sounded almost like ghost notes. I was trying to emulate an unschooled street player kind of sound. I made sure that the piece was playable (you don't need 3 hands to play it.) I tried to get hammers and pulls accurately on this but I might have missed a couple of spots. They have to be manually worked out for each occurrence.

    Ted! Thanks for the quarter. I am up to 75 cents now. I think musiclab guitars are great. I want to mess around with the stratocaster and see what I can do with that.

    Thanks to both of you for the nice words. Jay

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