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Topic: Importing issue with SAM Trombones/EXS24

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    Importing issue with SAM Trombones/EXS24

    Importing the sam trombones library here on a dual 2 ghz g5 mac, running log/exs24 on osx.

    I followed the instructions exactly as posted on the sam site, but noticed that when I am bringing up instruments in exs, I get a dialog asking which sample I wish to use, as it is located in several places on the harddrive.

    It appears to me that samples don\'t have unique names when it comes to this conversion.

    For example, bringing up:

    Enhanced Mics-Main/Velocity crossfades/SAM Tbn Sustain REL

    prompts me to select the correct version of \"Sustain ff\" - the one located in the Main (enhanced).wve folder, or the one located in the Main (far).wve folder. I sometimes have to do several selections for various files associated with one patch.

    Obviously, I can select the enhanced one since I know that\'s what I am loading, but I just wanted to pass this on as it appears to be an issue.

    Anyone else seen this?


    Eric Doggett

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    Re: Importing issue with SAM Trombones/EXS24

    *therapeutic, massaging bump*

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