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Topic: Help - Omnisphere distortion has started

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    Help - Omnisphere distortion SOLVED

    I have been using Omnisphere on my Intel i7 with 4GB RAM for a few years, but I have started to notice a kind of warbling "distortion" in the sounds.

    I have attached a little two-note sound file to let you hear it.

    It seems to happen just as the notes change. It's subtle, but it's more clear in the last half of the sample.


    And in the wave form snapshot I took in Audacity, you can see the "warble" with your eyes.

    I get this on all my patches now. Choirs. Jazz vocals.

    Any suggestions? I don't think I have changed any setting on my computer.

    Are these "drop outs"? Could it be a disk access problem? I have fast Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm disks.

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    Re: Help - Omnisphere distortion has started

    Maybe it is too hard to hear on computer speakers. But I do hear it on my studio monitors.

    It particularly happens when I play chords of complex sounds. Lots of an "overlayer" of the sound you can get by humming through a comb that's covered with tissue paper. Like a kazoo, you know.

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    Solved it.

    My midrange cone was getting flaky on my monitor.

    Sorry to drive you all nuts with something you couldn't hear!

    I double checked with headphones and yeah...it's the midrange speaker.

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