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Topic: OT: Matrix Revolutions

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    OT: Matrix Revolutions

    I like the score, to a point. The orchestral sections were nice, the synth stuff pretty tired by now. The choral stuff so bombastic that I was fighting off the yawns....you\'ve heard it a million times. Much more impressed by the score to \"Reloaded.\" Watched the freeway chase under headphones the other night...amazing scoring there.


    This could be one of the worst sequels I\'ve ever seen in my life. \"Letdown\" is one of the most kind words one could use.

    Making Trinity expendable was a major mistake. This will tank the movie faster than anything...mark my words, this film will be a major bust if nothing else but over this. She was the heart and soul of the film. Like killing off Princess Lei. Bad and stupid move. Don\'t any of these directors go to movies? Do they really understand the viewer? This move is only equaled in stupidity of a similar move in \"Alien 3\" which told us that all of Sigourney Weaver\'s efforts were for nothing in \"ALIENS\" re the little girl. We know how successful that one was.

    Halfway through the big battle for Zion, even my kid said...\"Where did Neo go?\" \"Don\'t know son, he has apparently disappeared from the film.\" And I mean he vanishes for a long time. Hopefully, wherever he and Trinity were, they were having much more fun than we were amidst the CGI onslaught.

    The end is just unbelievable. No wit, no surprise, no nothing. Calling it flat, and hackneyed, is being very kind. All these years and all these millions to end like this? At the end of Terminator 3 Arnold says \"We\'ll meet again\" or something like that. Not to be outdone, we hear the same message at the end of this hackneyed venture. All I can say is, if we do see a Part 4, I hope the brothers have long since retired- Hopefully they will have become a comic book themselves by then and will be unavailable. Avoid at all costs...wait for the Blockbuster rental.

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions


    Eh, it wasn\'t THAT bad, but I didn\'t really get a warm fuzzy walking out of the theater either. I didn\'t get satisfaction out of Reloaded either. The movie actually starts off and paces pretty well, and the giant sentinel battle was just super cool to watch - but yea, I did too wonder where the heck Neo and Trin were doin\'. Also, the Smith/Neo final battle scene was just a live action version of Dragon Ball Z and ended a little half-assed. The whole sentinel god face thing near the end is when the bros. jumped the shark.

    I would see this movie just because of how cool the sentinel battle was (that was awesome). The music was pretty good, but Davis loves to repeat this dissonant build-up chord all over this movie AND Reloaded, enough so where I\'m sure non-musical people found it monotonous.

    I\'m not sure what I expected, but ultimately it was a fun flick to watch. Special effects are pretty awesome, and the acting is a little better. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The whole Trinity thing didn\'t bother me too much.. well, that\'s not true. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Fun. Cool. Effects. Watch. Cheap... er.. expensive thrill? Hmmmm.

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    Best review I\'ve read on it is here...


    I really agreed with him when he said \"Revolutions eats all of the goodwill built up by \"The Matrix,\" and then some.\"


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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    I haven\'t seen it yet, so thanks for the spoiler warning above. But my 16-year-old son did. And he loved it. He and his friends were beaming outside the cineplex. One said it was even better than the first.

    So, maybe it will be a big hit with 16-year-old males.

    I\'ll see how it does with the \"older crowd\" this weekend. I get the feeling that my gratuitous-fight-sceen-alarm will be red-lined for most of the film!

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    Originally posted by JonFairhurst:
    I get the feeling that my gratuitous-fight-sceen-alarm will be red-lined for most of the film!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">No, it won\'t. I wouldn\'t go as far as to say that it was better than the first one, but it\'s pretty darned close, in my opinion. I was less than thrilled with the second one, but this 3rd one closed it up pretty well. I definitely have had the same buzzed feeling after seeing it this morning that I had after I saw the first one, which I did not have after the second one. Still, there\'s a lot of inconsistancies that I\'m sure will erode my intense feelings about the original film. Ah, what the heck...it was entertaining as hell. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    When the film started rolling I remember thinking, \"here we go, all will be answered and I expect to be wowed.\" So much for that. Return of the King will redeem my faith in trilogies I\'m certain, and I even have something akin to hope for Episode III, but I am very sad to say that while I did enjoy watching Revolutions, it was as grossly predictable as any action flick I\'ve ever seen, and pretty anti-climactic.

    As far as Neo and Trinity disapearing towards the end - I actually enjoyed the way it was handled. I\'m used to multi-front battles being fought on-screen and jumping back and forth between the struggles. Hate to make the comparison, but it\'s sorta like starting and finishing the Return of the Jedi death star fight and then moving on to the vader/luke fight. I remember watching that for the first time and wishing the focus wouldn\'t keep shifting, cuz the sabers were awsome stuff. Revolutions more or less delivers uninterupted streams of the \"good stuff\" action-wise.

    Still thought it ended abruptly, and without the satisfying closure I expected, but there was plenty to enjoy about it despite that. The music was thouroughly unimpressive, with only a few cues worth of exception that I remember. I almost never speak badly about any musical endevour (reasonably speaking) but in this case, I actually remember thinking that the music detracted from the action in many instances.

    Felt like jumping on the rant band-wagon. So sad.

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    >> \"Still, there\'s a lot of inconsistancies that I\'m sure will erode my intense feelings about the original film.\"

    Then again, the original was built around the concept of machines using human beings as batteries. It\'s totally ridiculous, yet the film was so compelling that we suspended disbelief en masse. If the third film pushes the right buttons, the inconsistencies may not be a big deal.

    Glad to hear that you liked it. The print reviews have been pretty dismal.

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    just got back from it.

    Actually I loved it

    Big bad *** live action anime movie. Thats what they set out to do, and they did it IMO.

    Saw it on IMAX, only way to \"fly\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I had a smile a mile and a half wide throughout the movie. I HATED the music choices in reloaded except for the freeway chase. HATED.... HATED!!!

    !!!spoiler warning!!!


    I cant believe I actually liked the flick as much as I did. The flying scenes were like dragonball Z come to life, I was so happy with that stuff. wrestling mid air, and the rain effects I loved it. Total Anime.

    The upside down fighters was great, but too short.

    The battle at the dock/zion. Unbelievably epic. I loved it. The hovercraft chase.... so cool and chaotic.

    I dont think I would have liked it as much if it werent for IMAX, because I have to admit I liked reloaded better on IMAX too.

    BTW, I think they are leaving thw world open for the Comic books, and animations, and books. No more movies. Oh and the online game (mmorpg)

    The only thing that bothered me about the Trin death (he calls her trin in reloaded too, critic jackass [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] , this guy obvioously doesn\'t get that smith isn\'t an agent anymore, moron...if you\'re gonna make pick at things, atleast get it right ) is that the dialog about Neo saving her in the matrix made it sound like it was months or years ago (it was 12-15 hours ago), other than that, I\'m glad they killed her. If anything, jsut to reinforce the difference of the real world and \"the Matrix\", and Neo\'s strength (or lack thereof)

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    The one thing that makes the least sense to me is this... (and this might count as SPOILERS I DUNNO!!!!):

    Why do they only have EMP\'s on the ships? You\'d think instead of building all those mech-warriors to defend Zion they\'d just install a few EMP\'s instead. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] And I\'m sure this is a very stupid question. Didn\'t that bother anyone else?!

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    Re: OT: Matrix Revolutions

    yup it bothered me too, but I believe they just didn\'t want to use EMP for the very reason stated (they would be vulnerable to a major attack from the pinky tentacle of a sentinal)

    So maybe one can think that they had the capability but didn\'t want to use it? Maybe its on a ship for the last line of defense (self destruct like), so its not something they\'d consider using for the city/dock.

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