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Topic: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

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    Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Hi all, if you only had the budget to purchase one of the Distorted Reality series, which one would it be and why?

    If it helps, I need to build a library to cover ambient/electronica/trance/techno and thought this would fit the bill.

    I am planning to buy SOV, Atmosphere and ONE of the DR series all at the same time, with the hope of getting a discount.

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Hi Scott,

    I can only speak about DR2 as i got that alongside Metamorposis. Both are really good for many things...DR2 has lots of sweeping pads and ambiant sounds, as well as some nice loops for percussion. I have heard a lot of DR1 and to be honest you wont go wrong buying either. DR1 apparently was made with a lot of analog synths so has quite warm pads and ambience to it....DR2 was created with some analog but more of the soft synths of today...So has a sort of crispness about it...I listened to the demo\'s of the Spectrasonics website for a long time and to be honest i purchased DR2 because i needed a warped bell sound for a game... If i lost them i would buy DR2 again and will be getting DR1 when i get around to it.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Thanks Riggs. That\'s just the sort of info I was after.

    Can anyone tell me if buying Atmosphere might negate the need to buy Distorted Reality?

    If DR contains a lot of sweeping pads and ambient sounds wouldn\'t Atmosphere cover this?

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    I own everything mentioned so far.

    For the styles you are after I would recommend atmosphere (you will not need another synth) and metomorphosis.

    DR1 and 2 do not fit these styles without a lot of tweeking. the sounds are actually a bit further \"out\" than the usual but are totally worth it if you have the time to tweek.
    Its impossible to say which of the 2 to get however. Just when I have a favorite I will load some sounds off the other and LOVE it.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    if its samples your after, and you want more \"pads\" its DR2. Thats the one out of the two I reach for with pads in concern.

    tho, I have to say, pick up atmosphere if you\'re after pads and melodic \"sounds\" in general. I dont have it, but have heard enough private and public demos as well as use rtestimony to believe in it. (on top of spectrasonic\'s track record.

    If your after \"loops\" take a look at metamorphosis, I also dont have this sucker but know I want it.

    now thats jsut spectrasonics

    If you like loops and \"Textures\" alaso check out the BT stuff from EastWest at www.soundsonline.com

    as well as Dance Mega Drums 1$2 for some awesome tweakable sounds

    as well as upcoming StormDrums from QLB, as much as most look at it as \"film score big beat\" the loops may be, but the multisamples will most likely be extremely flexible for cool stuff.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Guys, thank you all for your replies. After receiving your advice, and despite the topic of this post, I am now leaning towards Atmosphere and Metamorphosis!!

    I have Rare Instruments and Advanced Orchestra, I will continue to build the orchestra and ethnic side of things.

    However, I do realise that a lot of paying customers want the \"modern\" sounds too. THat is why I am heading in the direction of the above mentioned products.

    as well as upcoming StormDrums from QLB, as much as most look at it as \"film score big beat\" the loops may be, but the multisamples will most likely be extremely flexible for cool stuff.

    King that sounds awesome. Do you guys realise that thanks to your help I have now had to add two products (Metamorphisis and Storm Drums) to my shopping list?!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    But seriously, thank you all for your valued feedback.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Hi Scott,

    This is all definitely good info posted here. I would just add a couple of notes:

    1. DR2 has much more material in every category than DR1. It\'s about twice as big and more versatile overall. It is ver different from Atmosphere.

    2. Atmosphere has both Ambiences (complex textures) and Pads/Synths (playable sounds). Both DR libraries have mainly Ambiences, with very few pads or straighter synth sounds. However, the DR libraries also have lots of aggressive sounds, distorted sounds, and wilder FX (lots of loops too).

    Atmosphere, DR1&2, Metamorphosis and also Bizarre Guitar (which is basically DR3), are all designed to compliment each other and work together. We spent a lot of time to make sure that there wasn\'t too much overlap.

    That said.....Atmosphere and Metamorphosis is an excellent choice to start with.



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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Hi Eric, thank you for your reply!

    I think I read in a post the other day that you said that the distributor should offer some kind of discount if one was to buy three (or starting to look like four now!) Spectrasonics products.

    Can you confirm this for sure? As I am based in Australia, should I go through the distributor or is there any advantage in ordering directly from you? (OK I\'ll be honest, would I get a better deal by going directly to you? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Actually, our US distributor is not allowed to sell in Australia, and you\'ll get a much better deal by working with Sonic Virtual Media in Australia (our exclusive distributor)

    Talk to Sue or Harvey and they\'ll work with you I\'m sure.


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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    A question for Eric Persing regarding Atmosphere. Will there be upgrades in the future? I really wish I could sync the LFO to Midi clock. I read in keyboard mag it\'s not possible with the current version. By the way, I own atmosphere and love it, sounds are great, it sit\'s in the mix perfectly just like all of your stuff.
    John Angier

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