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Topic: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

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    Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    NOTE: Demo has been updated as of March, 11th, 2013!

    Well, I would like to start off by saying thank you to Garry and all of the Garritan Staff for these lovely libraries which are going to make this possible!

    I mentioned this already in the general discussion forum but I am in the process of my biggest project to date. I have composed and arranged many different types of game music, but I am now creating a full symphonic piece that will consist of five separate movements. Each movement will contain a few passages.

    Now what makes this project really important, mainly for myself, is that it's based on a girl I used to know. I am creating this project for the memories of her. I have many compositions that reflect on her, but this one will be the full symphonic and dynamic piece.

    I currently have 18 minutes worth of work composed and about 5-7 minutes worth of dynamics processed. This is a huge step in my composing in working carefully with humanization and dynamics. Until I joined this forum I barely bothered... Randy has given me a lot of motivation and advice to begin this project the proper way.

    I have had a year's worth of experience using Garritan Instant Orchestra and have seen the benefits and strengths of this product, and it is an essential part to this project. However, as advised by Randy and a couple other members of this great community, GPO is a good friend to have with GIO. After working through my passages for these five movements it clearly came evident that indeed I do need to get GPO. Therefore, I purchased the library today and I am now pretty much familiar with it.

    Now I have the tools to get this done the right way! Now I need to master the skill. I am composing in a different way than my usual basic game compositions (which suit the genre).

    This is a demo of the first movement to Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel. It shares the first minute and forty-four seconds of the movement. Please tell me what you think so far. I welcome as much constructive criticism as possible on this, for it will help me master this.

    I am estimating that when all five movements are completed this will be about 45 minutes in length.

    The demo contains Save Tara (the original was my first composition ever created and for the memories of her, I have 30 different arrangement of it to date) and the intro to Tara's Theme, both being orchestrated and with a high use of dynamics.


    Richard John S

    Instrument Libraries Used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra (Sections)
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Solo Instruments)
    - EWQLSO Silver (Magical metal thing in Tara's Theme, not sure what it's called...)

    In addition, which reverb sounds best to your ears?

    Symphonic Concert Hall (OLD DEMO):

    Large European Cathedral (OLD DEMO):


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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    Can I ask who was Tara?

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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    Tara was the girl I loved. My interest in music composing came inspired by the memories of her. The meaning behind Save Tara is, "Save the memories of Tara." The original was my first composition, and then I started picking up skill as the years went. It is quite difficult for me to compose because I have to rely on my ears because I don't know how to read music. I basically paint the images or memories inside my mind and then I compose to how I would relate that to music. The same thing goes with my game music. Shortly after Save Tara, I created her theme to reflect upon her. The melody played by the solo flute in the second part of the demo is the same melody I composed for her years ago.


    Richard John S

    Quote Originally Posted by composingatnight View Post
    Can I ask who was Tara?

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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    Sounds great. Very professional sounding. I thought the Symphonic Concert Hall version sounded a little better, but they both sounded good. That extra work you put into the production really paid off.

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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    This has a very nice, full sound to it. I really like the render. The combination of libraries really works here.
    Thanks for posting you work. Jay

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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    --!! I should dig up an image to go with this- it would have to be a very large, very expensive trophy - because I am sure you just won the prize, Richard, for The Fastest Use of GPO in History!-- I mean, you just got the Library this weekend, and you already have THIS produced! I cannot get over it.

    Sounds super - YEEeeeah!, now we're talkin', with that fantastic GPO solo flute layered in with the huge IO layers. You have to be thrilled with how you just made a quantum leap in what you're able to do with your projects now that you have GPO and IO playing along together in ARIA. Big round of applause to you.

    -- You know, I'm really not very picky about what reverb I use, or what people use in their recordings, as long as the reverb is used reasonably - meaning, the levels are appropriate for the genre of the music, and that the effect doesn't overwhelm the music.

    Both of these versions sound more than fine to me, Richard - I'm not sure I have a preference, and I find the differences so subtle as to be negligible. I may have been influenced by Chandler's feedback, because I read through the thread before listening - I think I may also have preferred the Symphonic Concert Hall, I'm not really sure though.

    Really effective stuff, Richard. Thanks again for posting your music -it just keeps sounding better and better.


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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    Thanks for the feedback guy! I think I also like the sound of the Symphonic Concert Hall, I focused my ears on the two and the concert hall seems a bit more warmer and lush.

    Thanks Randy! I actually had a lot of the work done before GPO. I have been working on these two passages for a few days and implemented the GPO solos afterwards I think in total I have about 18 mins complete between all five movements. However, these are the most processed parts in terms of dynamics and orchestration. I got a lot of work ahead of me!

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    I listened to your previous post and using GPO does sound better with IO. it takes it up a notch or more.

    This goes to show you don't necessarily need to break the bank for professional results.

    Real nice work.


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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    Thanks a lot Phil! I am happy you enjoyed listening to this. I am really loving GPO, the two GPO and IO make a good pair. I really don't think I will be needing anymore libraries, despite Garritan World Instruments and Garritan Harp after this for what I need to do.

    As a side note: Here is another full length demo which I have been working on of the First Movement to Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel. This time the demo is over 4 minutes. I didn't want to post it as a separate thread to avoid spamming the forum. The next version to the first movement will be the complete.

    Please keep in mind the passage labels to the movements are not fully completed (WIP)

    *** I updated the main video on the first topic as the latest demo.

    Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo):

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    Re: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel (The First Movement Demo)

    Hi Richard,

    It's impressive what you've realised with GPO. It doesn't matter what reverb you've used (the differences are so tiny and depending on one's taste), they both sound great! I like the composition and the rendition. Very nice work!

    Thanks for sharing!


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